The Internet can be a great resource for those looking for more information about historic preservation, whether researching their historic house, seeking assistance with a neighborhood initiative, or looking to get involved in state or nationwide programs. The following links represent some of the most established assistance programs and advocacy groups. Remember that your local historic commission can be an invaluable resource and a gateway to the rest of the preservation community.
  Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits
  Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives
  "The Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives program is one of the nation's most successful and cost-effective community revitalization programs. The program fosters private sector rehabilitation of historic buildings and promotes economic revitalization."
  Massachusetts State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit
  "Under the program a certified rehabilitation project on an income-producing property is eligible to receive up to 20% of the cost of certified rehabilitation expenditures in state tax credits. There is an annual cap, so there are selection criteria that ensure the funds are distributed to the projects that provide the most public benefit."
  Internal Revenue Service
  "The rehabilitation credit applies to costs you incur for rehabilitation and reconstruction of certain buildings. Rehabilitation includes renovation, restoration, and reconstruction. It does not include enlargement or new construction."
Massachusetts and New England
Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits
Historic Homes
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