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  Boston Landmarks Commission Approves Speedway Project

We are excited to announce that the Boston Landmarks Commission has approved the rehabilitation plans for the Speedway. Following a March 26 presentation by AHF, Bruner/Cott, and Klopfer Martin Design Group, BLC voted in favor of the project moving forward, pending final review of signage. AHF is grateful for the the Commission's support and thoughtfulness through the design review process and we look forward to continued collaboration as we move forward. We are also excited to be advancing the building permit process for the project, a portion of which will be permitted though the Commonwealth and a portion of which will be permitted through the City of Boston. We hope to begin rehabilitation work in the coming months. A big thank you to our design team and to our project partners at the state and city for helping get us closer to our goal! For regular updates, follow the Speedway project on social media: Facebook - www.facebook.com/charlesriverspeedwayhq Twitter - www.twitter.com/SpeedwayHQ Instagram - www.instagram.com/charlesriverspeedway

  Speedway Headquarters Project Awarded $200,000 in Community Preservation Act Funds

On March 6, after a five-month review process, Boston City Council authorized $34 million in Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds for dozens of projects across the city, including the Speedway Headquarters. The vote aids 56 historic preservation, open space, and affordable housing projects that the Community Preservation Committee recommended for funding approval. The Architectural Heritage Foundation was awarded $200,000 to install ramps and decks throughout the Speedway complex to bring the site up to code and ensure that it is accessible and welcoming to all. In November 2016, Boston voters passed the Community Preservation Act to finance initiatives that preserve historic structures, create open space, increase affordable housing stock, and promote recreation throughout the city's neighborhoods. The law adds a surcharge to residential and commercial property tax bills to finance a city Community Preservation Fund, which is then matched by the state's Community Preservation Trust Fund. Since a Spring 2018 pilot program, CPA has provided more than $42 million to projects in Boston. Among this year's historic preservation awardees, in addition to the Speedway, are the St. James African Orthodox Church in Roxbury, Memorial Hall in Charlestown, and the Old State House. AHF is grateful to Boston City Council, the Community Preservation Committee, our City and State partners, and the Allston-Brighton community for their support. We look forward to beginning restoration work on the Speedway in a few months.

  Architectural Heritage Foundation Hosts Bidders Walk-Through at the Speedway

The Architectural Heritage Foundation took another step forward in its effort to revitalize the Speedway by hosting a bidders walk-through of the complex. On February 26, representatives from three local construction contractors took a closer look at the site in order to determine the best possible construction costs for the upcoming rehabilitation work. They visited a day after a local Student Conservation Association crew performed a winter clean-up at the Speedway - just in time! We hope to have more news on the outcome of the bidding process soon.

  SCA Crew Braves 60-mph Winds Gusts at the Speedway

On February 25, at the request of the Mass DCR and the Architectural Heritage Foundation, thirteen members of the Hingham-based Student Conservation Association Historic Preservation crew arrived at the Speedway for a winter clean-up. The 2019 cohort is less than a month into their AmeriCorps-sponsored service; thus, the Speedway was one of their first preservation projects. Battling wind speeds of 25-30 mph, with gusts up to 60 mph, they cleared piles of dead leaves from the courtyard, ash and charred wood from the site's burned section, and several decades-worth of unused objects from the buildings. By noon, they had filled a 30-yard dumpster with debris: broken window frames, rickety office furniture, moldy stuffed animals, even an unusable boat. The interns, whose interests range from ecology to ancient Roman archaeology, were intrigued by the site's conservation history and enjoyed exploring the old MDC police station. As they surveyed the complex, with its boarded windows and weathered shingles, one crew member expressed what AHF and the Brighton community have long felt: "I can't wait to see what this place becomes."

  Student Conservation Association Crew to Return to Speedway Headquarters

The Architectural Heritage Foundation is delighted to welcome back the Student Conservation Association (SCA) to the Speedway Headquarters for another day of pre-restoration site work. Last November, the Hingham-based SCA Historic Preservation crew cleared several tons of vegetation and debris from the historic complex in anticipation of this year's upcoming construction start date. The 2018 crew did such a great job, that AHF and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (the state agency in charge of the site) invited the new 2019 cohort to finish the work. On February 25, thirteen young women and men will remove several decades-worth of unused objects from the Speedway's interiors. Their help will ensure a smooth transition to the rehabilitation work slated to begin in the spring or summer. Thank you, SCA! We look forward to working with you again!

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