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William Rotch Rodman and Gilbert Russell Houses

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  The Rodman and Russell Houses are two historic mansions in New Bedford's County Street Historic District that have been rehabilitated into rental office space. Both buildings, but the Rodman House in particular, are excellent examples of the 19th century architecture of private homes. Both original owners were merchants involved in New Bedford's shipping economy that brought so much wealth to the coastal city.

In 1988, AHF formed William Rodman Associates (WRA), a partnership with three local businessmen, to purchase and redevelop the properties. After the construction was complete, WRA attempted to convert the property to condominiums, but the sale coincided with a collapse in the real estate market. Only one unit, the Rodman carriage house, sold. WRA continues to operate the two houses as office space for rent. In 2007, AHF bought out the interest of one of the partners and today is majority owner in the partnership.
Historic Stats
Building Date: 1833 (Rodman), 1829 (Russell)
Square Footage: 18,768 (combined)
Style: Greek Revival (Rodman),
Federalist (Russell)

Historic Use: Private house
New Use: Office
Ownership: William Rodman Associates
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