AHF Presents at the 2019 Preservation Massachusetts Historic Preservation Conference

AHF president Sean McDonnell speaks at the 2019 Preservation Massachusetts conference.

On September 20, the Architectural Heritage Foundation partnered with the Friends of North Brookfield Town House, Long View Farm Studios, MassDevelopment, and MacRostie Historic Advisors to present at Preservation Massachusetts’ 2019 Historic Preservation Conference in Plymouth. Titled “Getting Past Feasibility Study Fatigue: What to Do When Your Project Just Won’t Move,” the session outlined AHF’s process for turning at-risk historic real estate into opportunities for community development. Presenters discussed the tendency for historic buildings to become bogged down in an endless cycle of deferred maintenance and unimplemented feasibility studies, and highlighted the North Brookfield Town House as a case-study for moving stuck preservation projects forward. We’re grateful to Preservation Massachusetts for giving us the opportunity to share our perspective.

To view AHF’s slideshow presentation online, visit https://www.preservationmass.org/2019-mhpc-sessions.

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