AHF Receives Federal Stimulus Funding for Trailblazing Energy Efficiency Projects

Architectural Heritage Foundation, in partnership with Historic New England and the Trustees of Reservations, will complete Deep Energy Retrofits at three historic properties in the Commonwealth: The Lyman Estate in Waltham, the Bullit Reservation in Conway/Ashfield, and the Appleton Farms Center for Agriculture and the Environment in Ipswich. Each of the Deep Energy Retrofits takes a different approach, and will provide valuable information for future retrofits of historic properties. Notable features include a historically sensitive retrofit to the Lyman Estate that preserves historic values of the property, efforts to make the Bullit Reservation a certified “passive house” that uses little to no fossil fuel energy, and a comprehensive building envelope treatment at Appleton Farms including exterior super-insulation, air source heat pumps and solar thermal hot water systems.

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