“Nothing but a Win for the City:” Worcester City Council Economic Development Committee Endorses Aud Proposal

Worcester Memorial Auditorium - view from the balcony
View from the balcony inside the Worcester Memorial Auditorium. Courtesy of Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre Photography.

The Worcester City Council Economic Development Committee has endorsed AHF’s redevelopment plans for the Worcester Memorial Auditorium. The Committee’s support facilitates the execution of a Land Disposition Agreement between AHF and the City later this month, paving the way for the building’s eventual sale to AHF or its subsidiary two years from now.

Following a presentation yesterday evening by AHF’s development team, Councilor and committee chair Candy Mero-Carlson expressed enthusiasm for reactivating the Aud as an educational, cultural, and entrepreneurial center for digital technology. “This is a pretty exciting night for the city of Worcester,” she remarked. “Working with the colleges on this, this is nothing but a win for the city. I’m very happy to move this forward.”

Councilor-at-Large Gary Rosen posed several questions about district parking needs and potential, unanticipated hurdles to the project before commenting, “This building, its contents, its history are all in wonderful hands. This is exciting and it’s a great project. I support it one hundred percent.”

Alan Ritacco, Dean of Becker College’s School of Design and Technology, attended the meeting and offered insight into the redeveloped Aud’s future impact on the city: “There isn’t another building like this in New England. This will be a first and put Worcester on the map.”

AHF is grateful for the Economic Development Committee’s support and excited to work with the City of Worcester on revitalizing this monumental building.

For more information on AHF’s plans for the Aud, visit https://www.worcesteraud.com/vision.html

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