Garage B


Brighton, MA




  • AHF
  • DCR
  • D.F. Pray


Adam Parshall, Seamless Photography, KND Photo, Kelly Benvenuto

Located within the Charles River Speedway historic complex, this 1940s former garage building has been transformed into a modern event facility. 

During the redevelopment of the Speedway, AHF and the project team was faced with an ever-changing set of needs and opportunities amidst the pandemic. After much consideration, the team decided to keep the garage intact and position it as an event space. The blank canvas backdrop allows a wide range of uses,  including daytime corporate meetings, fundraising events, community markets, family parties, and weddings. 

Operable garage doors and the adjacent courtyard make the space very flexible, lending itself to an indoor/outdoor atmosphere. The event space also supports and expands upon the activities at The Speedway. 

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