AHF Announces Underutilized Property Program Consulting Services

Do you have a stuck project? The Massachusetts Underutilized Properties Program could be a great opportunity to move planning, feasibility studies, or construction projects forward. 

AHF has extensive experience with this state program, and has successfully supported several projects to gain funding. Wondering if your project might be a good fit, and looking for grant writing support or project consulting? Reach out to AHF today – email info@ahfboston.com.

Learn more about AHF’s past UPP consulting projects here.

The Massachusetts Underutilized Properties Program (via Community One Stop for Growth) is now accepting letters of interest for FY2025. In the last round of funding, the program generated $16.5 million for 39 projects across the state. 

For FY2025, Expressions of Interest are being accepted now through April 30, 2024, and full project submissions are due on June 5, 2024. 

Community One Stop for Growth is the Executive Office of Economic Development’s application portal that provides a streamlined process for municipalities and organizations to apply for 13 state grant programs that fund economic development projects related to planning and zoning, site preparation, building construction, infrastructure, and housing development.

Underutilized Properties Program, administered by MassDevelopment, for the purpose of funding “projects that will improve, rehabilitate or redevelop blighted, abandoned, vacant or underutilized properties to achieve the public purposes of eliminating blight, increasing housing production, supporting economic development projects, increasing the number of commercial buildings accessible to persons with disabilities.”

The “Why” of Preservation Matters Now More than Ever

When life as we have known it comes to a halt; when the bonds holding society together grow brittle; when we cannot gather for fear of harming each other – what remains to us are the stories we keep. The reminders of those stories take many forms. A building. A battlefield. A burying ground. These physical affirmations of our histories and values are all around us. They help us to see ourselves as part of a community spanning generations and, in so doing, make us feel less alone.

Let’s work together.