From The Boston Globe – “Setting the Record Straight on the Building of Faneuil Hall Marketplace”

Re “Kevin White’s vision for Faneuil Hall is now Marty Walsh’s problem” (Opinion, Sept. 17), as with all preceding articles that I have read in the Globe regarding the restored Faneuil Hall Marketplace, ever since its grand opening in August 1976 (and I think I have read all of them), is predicated on a false assumption as to the inception of this spectacular project. The vision and initiative behind it were not those of White, nor developer James Rouse, nor architect Ben Thompson. They belong to Boston architect Frederick A. Stahl, Roger Webb (founder and president of the Architectural Heritage Foundation), and Walter Whitehill (esteemed historian and director of the Boston Athenaeum).

AHF Stands with Black Lives Matter

Architectural Heritage Foundation joins the calls for racial justice and equity that have resounded in American cities for hundreds of years, and most recently following the murder of George Floyd. As an historic preservation organization founded during the urban renewal movement, AHF recognizes the policies and structures that have hobbled communities of color, undermined their narratives, and whitewashed the history of systemic racism that permeates every facet of our society. At the same time, we are aware of the way in which preservation has been used, in many instances, to entrench segregation and to obscure the rich heritage of black and brown Americans. We stand with our neighbors of color and their allies who are laboring to undo centuries of oppression by transforming our communities into places where all people, regardless of color and income, can participate fully and safely in daily life.

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