What We Do

We bring passion and expertise to the intersection of historic preservation and economic development, catalyzing lasting change in the neighborhoods we serve.

Rather than viewing deteriorating historic buildings as lost causes, we deliberately seek them out. As a nonprofit developer, consultant, and stakeholder, we ensure that our projects take community priorities into account. The result: more jobs, more housing, vibrant streets, and local heritage preserved for generations to come.


  • What makes AHF so special is the people that are the soul of the organization. They care as if the project is their own. They get to know the community’s ethos – the subtle and not so subtle hopes, dreams, egos, obstacles and assets… If you are fortunate enough to have AHF’s attention focused on your project, hold on tight and thank your lucky stars.

    Bonnie Milner | Owner/General Manager, Long View Entertainment
  • I can’t say enough about AHF’s ability to gather and integrate data, and then provide a recommended plan of action based on their insight, which often includes a certain degree of outside-the-box thinking. With access to a wide array of resources and contacts throughout the varied fields within the preservation world, AHF helped set us up for success in almost all aspects of our project.

    Jim Buzzell | President, Friends of the North Brookfield Town House
  • AHF is the patron saint of impossible projects.

    Carol Gladstone | Commissioner, DCAMM
  • The Speedway is proof that any property, no matter how challenging, can be brought back to life with the right team. AHF went above and beyond to collaborate with the neighborhood, find partners and financial resources, and deliver a restored, vibrant resource to the community.

    Allison Frazee | Executive Director, Boston Preservation Alliance